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나폴리 하버드 클럽 | 왜 북한에는 아직도 혁명이 일어나지 않았을까?

2024년 3월 28일,
오전 11:30 AM - 오후 1:30 PM (GMT -5)

“Why hasn’t there been a revolution in North Korea?” Established by Kim Il-Sung in 1948, the regime ruling North Korea has outlasted 14 American Presidents and 15 British Prime Ministers. Based on almost every economic and social indicator, including from poverty, food insecurity, human rights violations, and inadequate public services, North Korea is a failed country that refuses to die and clings to power.

To maintain its power, the regime tightly controls its borders, blocks its citizens from engaging with the world, and runs the country like a personality cult based on the regime’s leader. Despite the country’s failure to care for its citizens, the Kim dynasty continues to survive.

Join us as Casey Lartigue Jr., co-founder with Eunkoo Lee of Freedom Speakers International and co-author with North Korean refugee Songmi Han of "Greenlight to Freedom," examines why the North Korean regime has survived despite its domestic failure and international isolation. Lartigue will cite analysis and testimony from the North Korean diaspora that includes former North Korean regime insiders and also share lessons he has learned from a dozen years of on-the-ground work with North Korean defectors and refugees. Although it isn't always clear to the general public, there are direct, indirect, and subtle ways that North Koreans and North Korean refugees have resisted the regime.

Lartigue, ALB ‘89 EdM ‘91, will outline opportunities for the Harvard community to assist in empowering North Korean refugees to speak out and take action against the regime.

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